Advanced capabilities of electronic universities

We developed and introduced software for conducting interactive lessons online. This solution allows universities to operate to the fullest during the pandemic and digitize and automate educational and other internal commercial and managerial processes. Thus, a classic educational institution of higher education acquires the modern capabilities of e-universities.

About the customer:

Group of investors developing higher education incognito.

Goals and Objectives: develop a solution and switch educational institutions of the State to online operation

The project's authors approached us to create an innovative solution allowing effective use of the time of students, teachers, and employees of the dean's office and the rector's office. Together we set the following goals:

We viewed the final result as an easy-to-learn information ecosystem substituting dozens of applications such as Zoom or Telegram.

The solution is a thoughtful approach

Together with the customer we set goals and tasks, selected technology stack and planned a stage-by-stage development.
During the work we:

  • Drew up and agreed upon the project charter, technical requirements and interfaces design.

  • Developed a web service for browsers and applications for mobile devices.

  • Added features for conducting interactive lessons using any devices.

  • Added features for auto-generating timetables for the university.

Results: full transition to online

Together with the customer and with the assistance of the universities themselves, we were able to create an intuitive system that is convenient for both teachers and students.

  • Video conferences are runnable from the browser without installing special applications.

  • Video recording and chat are saved and remain available for later viewing.

  • The teacher moderates their online-lessons, sees the students live and can "call" to the interactive blackboard.

  • Teachers with little computer use experience quickly understood the procedure of conducting their lessons via the service.

The ecosystem allows all participants of the educational process to exchange information and timely learn about changes.

Check the timetable before you go.

Teachers and students start with the timetable page. It contains a list of lessons for the next three days. Each lesson has these metadata:

  • Day and time.
  • Subject.
  • The teacher.
  • Type of lesson.
  • Auditorium.
  • Video broadcast link.

Clicking on a specific lesson gives detailed information and opens a chat with a teacher and a group. In a chat, a student may directly ask a teacher questions; the chat history is saved. A list of students for the lesson, the possibility to set them grades, and many other things are available to the teacher for conducting a lesson.

Effective distance education

The ecosystem is ideal for online lessons and includes its own video streaming platform. It works in a browser: students and teachers do not have to download and install additional software. Video conferences are accessible from a computer, tablet and phone. Video conference recordings are stored in personal accounts.

The platform includes an interactive blackboard where a teacher and students can write using a stylus for example, or broadcast themselves or a computer screen with presentation. A teacher acts as a moderator: he or she decides who will have the floor or write on the blackboard.

Everything a student needs is right in front of his eyes

A detailed syllabus and video recordings of lessons are available here at any time. In their accounts students can:

This information allows students to see and objectively evaluate their actual progress, and make corrections to achieve the best results.

Personal account of a teacher is more convenient than a daily planner

It's easy to solve all your work tasks in your personal teacher's office:

With just two clicks, teachers can grasp all subjects and groups, even if there are several dozens of them. Here, they also manage subjects, courses of their lectures, and lessons.

Electronic Dean's Office and Rector's Office to support and manage processes

An electronic dean's office and rector's office have been developed to manage the university, helping to solve organizational tasks quickly and remotely:

  • Request and send certificates.

  • Draw up a timetable (manually or using automatic algorithms).

  • Notify students and teachers of changes in timetable, for example..

  • Manage lists of students and teachers.

  • Transfer students from one group to another.

  • Manage dean's offices, their subjects and teaching staff.

The solution saves time for everyone involved in the educational process.

Quickly, technologically, responsibly

Customer feedback: "The service works perfectly and is thought out to the last detail. Works were delivered without delay."

Denis Mironov

project director

I’m glad to be working with an experienced and specialized team like Shvetsov Technologies

The project is the final testing stage, but the work has gone so well that there will likely be a future collaboration with Shvetsov Technologies. Their team delivered regular progress reports and has an effective management approach, overall exceeding the initial expectations for the project.

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