Augmented reality in the service of your business in 1 month.

We will develop a customized solution to accelerate production, train personnel and reduce costs.

The majority of tasks at the production site must be done quickly and accurately. But if the process is complex and includes many nuances, employees may make mistakes and, as a result, work slower. We are ready to help your personnel work without mistakes by using software with AR elements.

Augmented reality – empowerment and insurance against mistakes.

AR technology injects virtual information into the visual field to help people act more effectively and avoid mistakes. To connect to augmented reality, glasses are usually used. An engineer wearing AR glasses will see, for example, a tooltip above a sensor or an instruction above parts that need to be combined. Thanks to this, the employee will have faster access to important information to react adequately or perform only the correct sequence of operations, seeing the instructions right in front of his or her eyes.

We develop software using augmented reality technology: conduct audits, propose ideas, write and test solutions, and train staff. We work without industry restrictions, for all popular glasses and platforms.

Innovative, individually, result-oriented

  • Industry independent

    We create effective solutions for all areas of production, including high-tech and dangerous.

  • Deep dive into context

    We start our cooperation with an audit, a thorough study of the situation and searching for vulnerabilities in the client's processes.

  • Expert consultations

    Let us tell you how augmented reality can help your business at this stage of development.

  • International standards.

    ISO certificate confirms responsible approach to work and adherence to deadlines.

  • Privacy

    We guarantee that information about your production will not get to third parties.

  • No Limitations

    We work on all popular platforms, which helps us find a suitable option for your case.

AR is useful for small, medium and large businesses

Customers from different industries come to us, and we create an effective solution for each one. Contact us to discuss developing an augmented reality software if you're interested in:

  • Increase product quality and labor productivity.

  • Reduce the human factor and errors rate.

  • Organize the issuance of instant tips for specialists.

  • Accelerate the training of new specialists.

  • Manage production standards on a centralized basis.

  • Introduce a system of remote assisting and monitoring.

Professionals will be engaged in the work your business needs.

Our team has been creating augmented reality projects since 2015. During this time, we have solved both routine and specific tasks and accumulated experience, which allows us to archive results, which seem, at first glance, quite complicated. We approach our clients individually and take responsibility for our recommendations and the result of our work. If we find out that you do not need AR during the audit, we will honestly tell you about it and offer an alternative solution.

We strengthen our team for each project: we search and hire specialists with the targeted experience; therefore, the speed and the quality of projects implementation are very high. We implement even complex projects on time.

Contact us and we will find a solution

Augmented reality technology can bring a lot of value to your business and simplify your employees' work. We will consult you, answer your questions and tell you how we can help you.

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