Proprietary video conferencing service – a guarantee of stable operation after 2020.

Order the development of a platform for webinars, broadcasts and trainings online with a customized set of options

In 2020, many people faced the need to go online in a short time frame, for example, to organize work meetings or educational classes online. The existing services then showed their unreliability and insecurity. They are not always available, they cannot always be purchased, and once purchased, they do not always include the options you need, and if they do, there is no guarantee that the manufacturer will not change this feature set or the conditions of their use. We can help you remove these risks and create your own custom video platform. Safe, reliable, and integrated into your IT ecosystem.

An individual broadcasting service means freedom, independence, and security.

Your own platform is always available; it meets your internal products and helps you organize work inside your company.

You only get what you need. In the way you need it. In your company style. With the specifics you need. With the possibility to always change anything when you think it's appropriate.

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with all clients and guarantee that the information about the project will not get to third parties. Personal data of video service users will be effectively protected.

Advanced technologies and flawless customer service

  • Real independence

    Own service. Autonomous. Without any paid subscriptions and limitations.

  • Unlimited number of speakers

    We will calculate the servers' resources to provide the required number of participants.

  • Customization with your tasks

    We'll add the options your company needs to make communication even more convenient.

  • Advanced technology

    The highest possible sound and image quality.

  • Continuous support

    You can change anything in your service no matter when.

  • Absolute confidentiality

    The information inside your chats will never reach third parties.

Who can benefit from having their own video conferencing service?

We work with commercial and non-commercial organizations, which actively use videoconferencing. Contact us if the capabilities of popular video platforms are not enough for you, but you:

  • Plan to move the big team online.

  • You want independence from third-party services.

  • Strive for the security of personal data.

We know all about video conferencing development

Our team has been developing and launching high-tech services for more than 5 years. Most of our team works remotely, so we know most of the video broadcasts' use cases and quality requirements. Diverse experience helps us quickly find effective solutions and implement them at the best value. We offer a customized approach to tasks and consistently help our clients to achieve their goals.

We strengthen the team for each project: we look for and hire specialists with targeted experience, so the speed and quality of projects implementation are very high.

Want your own exclusive communication tool?

We will develop a platform for video conferencing, trainings and negotiations especially for you — you will preserve independence from other applications and get a personal set of tools.

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High quality. On time. Lifetime warranty.