Research and development

Order research for innovative projects

Continuous improvement of various aspects of production organization together with continuous modernization of technological solutions - this is what allows you to keep the old and win new market positions ahead of the competitors. We are ready to help you to carry out research and development work to meet this challenge.

R&D — get technological superiority.

The use of advanced technology is not solely a matter of prestige. On the one hand, it is an attempt to reduce costs and negative risks. On the other hand, it is an attempt to increase profits and positive risks by using better, faster, and safer ways of organizing processes in society and the tools it uses. A more organized and technological society, other things being equal, wins against less organized and technological society. The question is whether or not to think about it and search for, implement, and use new advantages.

Almost any R&D starts from the study of the current technological status of the company, continues as a study of the best world practices, once in a while reaching complete scientific research aimed at the discovery of new law of nature. After testing a range of alternatives, it ends with a well-documented prototype for improving or solving a concrete business issue. The prototype, in case of successful appliance tests, will be used in series. If we are talking about IT products, the prototype and the series situation are slightly different: as soon as a minimal viable product has shown its effectiveness, it is rapidly scaled up. There is the creation of a phenomenon called a "startup": an easily scalable business model in modern terms.

Strict quality control and five more reasons to order R&D with us

  • Agile standards

    Planning at the beginning, reporting and acceptance at the end of each iteration. Weekly adjustments with the customer's participation.

  • Hi-tech

    We use the modern technology stack and research the emerging ones if the customer's interests demand it.

  • Top specialists and scientists

    We cooperate with scientists and engineers from country institutes and worldwide in case our customer issue needs it.

  • Quality assurance

    At all stages of R&D we check the effectiveness of solutions and their compliance with ISO norms.

  • We train your staff

    We provide full documentation of research and test results, prepare lessons and transfer knowledge to your specialists.

  • Complete confidentiality.

    We sign an NDA and guarantee that your production and business information will not get to third parties.

Start taking advantage of R&D.

Companies of different sizes and from different industries apply to us. For each of them we advise a technical solution and an optimal cooperation plan. We recommend ordering research and development if you are faced with one of the following tasks:

  • Want to test the applicability of the new technology to your business.

  • Develop a counterpart of an existing product for your specific needs.

  • Deeply systematize and optimize company or industry processes.

Experienced team of researchers and developers

We have been carrying out R&D for more than 5 years: we developed projects for automobile factories, atomic plants, and the IT sector. Our experience helps us find effective solutions and implement them at optimal cost quickly.
We always solve the customer's principal issue, not just do research and create a prototype.

Entrust experts to solve strategically important tasks for you.

We implement projects of high complexity. We will consult you, answer your questions and explain if a particular technology may be useful for you.

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