How to optimize the engineers' performance?

Develop a software and hardware package implementing augmented reality technology to provide relevant instructions right before the engineer's eyes. It helps engineers work faster and avoid mistakes. We took into account the customer's wishes and specifics of the industry to offer the best solution.

About the customer:

"The Afrikantov Experimental Design Bureau of Machine Building". Build reactor units and equipment for nuclear power plants.

Main goal: increase the speed of engineers through augmented reality technology

The customer turned to us to solve the following problems:

We agreed upon the terms of reference with the chief engineer, determined the schedule and started to work.

The solution: to introduce innovation into the routine

Our team researched solutions on the AR technology market, chose the most suitable ones, and developed software for Windows and Android platforms for AR glasses. The resulting software product helped engineers to perform assembly faster according to the company quality standarts.

Results: all goals have been achieved.

The AR assistant actually solved the customer's problems:

  • Engineers in augmented reality glasses receive relevant instructions instantly.

  • The system automatically identifies whether a part is assembled correctly.

  • Following the instructions in glasses, even not engineers were able to assemble unknown parts.

  • The customer received the results of research and comparison of modern glasses and their software. We have chosen the most relevant to the customer's situation from them.

It is impossible to make a mistake: detailed instructions are before the eyes

An engineer sees step-by-step instructions on the whole assembly cycle in the augmented reality glasses:

  • Detailed video is on the left.
  • The pattern of the finished part to be produced is at the bottom of the screen. This pattern is used for automatic checking and moving to the next assembly stage.
  • On the right is the accompanying text.

After completing each step, the engineer "applies" the resulting part to the stencil. If the part is assembled incorrectly, the digital assistant will not let the employee go to the next step until the worker assembles the part correctly.

An engineer works in these light glasses without fatigue for 4–6 hours.

For this project, we tested several glasses models. We chose the lightest ones, without a microcomputer for a workstation and with a microcomputer for work on large items when engineers have to move within the room. These goggles are comfortable to wear for an entire work shift.

The microcomputer is equipped with a touch bar to control the cursor on the glasses' transparent screen. The glasses have motion and rotation sensors integrated that are useful when working with complex equipment and drones.

Our team can develop solutions for any AR glasses and headsets.

Controlling processes with the power of your mind.

Sometimes engineers need both of their hands-free in the process of assembly. Emotiv headset is perfect for these situations as it is capable of receiving commands from the brain. With due training it can be much quicker than using a touch bar or buttons on a microcontroller. In order to introduce technologies we chose a brain-computer interface with polymer biosensor, a device that is used without a conductive gel, which makes it more comfortable.

The assistant regularly analyses the engineer's condition, registers stress and fatigue levels, and detects emotions based on facial muscle movements, if necessary.

The technical side of development:
advanced ideas and cross-platform software

The digital assistant software is based on the cross-platform Unity solution, which is optimal for such projects due to its great 3D scene editor and the ability to create solutions for both personal computers and mobile devices. As a recognition module, we tested three of the most popular SDKs. The Moverio SDK from Epson, which comes with glasses, turned out to be the most high-performance and precise.

The main language of the project is C#. The Assistant works on Windows and Android platforms, but can be adapted to any other popular platform.

During training simulator trials, one of the executives, who hasn't heard about the project before, put the glasses on and assembled the test device on the first try.

Maximum data safety and another three advantages of the project

We can help you to make processes safer, better quality, and faster.

If you need an augmented reality powered service or any other hi-tech solution, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll consult you, conduct an audit and offer several possible decisions.

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