E-commerce integrated with partners management system

We developed and launched an online store with convenient goods fetching service and with personal accounts for customers and partners. We combined the web site and internal CRM of the customer in both direction. Apart from sale of goods and services, the service allows the customer to monitor the work of several thousand partners.

About the customer:

TOP 10 distributor of tires, disks, car accessories and car services, Kolobox Group.

Objective: a complex project on a tight deadline

The customer approached us after experience with one of our colleagues. He wanted to understand what is done, what is not done and how fast we can take it and make it. There is no big amount of time left. We set these goals together:

We agreed on the project charter, updated the terms of reference and began work.

Quick solution of 100% of tasks.

After a technical audit, it became clear what stage the project is at, why it is there, how to fix it, and most importantly: how it can be completed in two stages in a short time.

  • We fixed the format of joint work: the project was divided into weekly sprints, which were accepted and planned together with the customer.

  • We introduced responsibility and transparency in reporting: once a month, the customer inspected and sign accepted the intermediate results.

As a result, the first version of the version of the site was accepted by the customer one month ahead of schedule.

Results: fully operating retail sales tool

  • Customers throughout the European part of Russia can buy products or book more than 20 services.

  • Wheels, tires and car accessories are selectable by car model or goods parameters

  • Information on order of services and goods automatically gets into internal CRM of the customer.

  • Partners use a personal account to manage orders and bookings for services.

  • Goods, stocks, prices, promotions, warranties, almost all information are synchronized with the customer's IT ecosystem.

  • Residual stock and goods prices are individual for every city and are defined by the structure of the partner network.

And now we are delivering new features to this site.

Two types of product selection

The web site offers car products and is focused on a broad audience. In order to make it easy for the customer to navigate in the assortment, two variants of search were implemented:

By car model.

By specific parameters of the good e.g., manufacturer, type, width, offset, and others.

Every user easily finds goods suitable for him or her.

Only up-to-date information about the goods

A user sees search result on one card: availability, price, model parameters and other useful information. The same screen shows notifications of active discounts and promotional events, as well as special warranty terms.

Before being displayed, search results are ranked according to certain rules.

Properties of goods, their availability, price and other parameters shown on the web site are updated several times per hour.

Upsell of services to the order

When finalizing a purchase, a customer may, for example, order tire fitting or wheel replacement. All orders and information are immediately sent to CRM of the store, and a manager calls back and confirms the purchase.

The buyer and the partner are notified of changes in the status of the order by sms and email. If necessary, the buyer can check the status of his order right on the site.

One-Click Delivery

When ordering, a customer see the full list of delivery terms and chooses the most convenient ones. On this step the customer can order a free delivery from another state, for example.

Personal accounts: convenient for customers and partners

In the personal cabinet the user can see the status of the order, add items to "Favorites" and download pdf-cheques. Here you can save the history of product comparison in order to better ponder on the purchase.

KOLOBOX has partners in 60 cities. They need to keep track of stock levels at warehouses, see the workload of service centres, be aware of purchases and their terms and provide discounts or extended warranties. In other words, solve multiple tasks at the same time. All this is easy to do in the personal cabinet.

Online booking and electronic queue

To order services, for example tires replacement, a customer needs to simply choose this service in the menu on the web site and select convenient place and time. Booking notification is delivered to the personal account of a partner. It is impossible to miss.

When booking for services, weekends are taken into account, as well as the working hours of the posts and services at each partner's location. If a customer wants to know who is in front of him or her in the queue, he or she can do it via the web site. The same queue helps specialists of service centres to moderate the customer flow.

Integration with the customer's CRM and three more features of the project

Customer's opinion on work: "Quickly, professionally, in a responsible manner".

Alexei Dubinin

Head of E-Commerce

Their management and organization were really good.

The platform is live, and the partner accounts show strong promise to expand the business's e-commerce channel. Despite the project's complexity, Shvetsov Technologies used a roadmap and project chart to stay on task. Their exceptional management skills ensured success.

We rise to the most difficult challenges

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